Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anatomy of a Serious Puppy Nap

Usually, taking a nap is no big deal for a corgi. Curl up, close eyes, and dreamland is theirs without pause. But every so often, naptime becomes a Big Deal that takes precise preparation.

Paddington just settled into one of those kind of naps. He and his big corgi sister, Cady, just had dinner and their post-meal outing. Cady staked out one end of the couch first. Paddington jumped up to the middle cushion and began a sort of self-assesmsent. Some parts were found lacking. His left front paw was thoroughly cleaned. His right ear was found to be itchy. Then, back to that front paw.

During this effort, Cady, being the typical older system, became thoroughly disgusted. With a dirty look at her brother she jumped off the couch and flopped down on her side on the floor. After only 30 seconds, though, she apparently decided the comfort of the couch even when tainted by younger brother cooties was far preferable to the rug. Back up she jumped and curled up, face turned away.

Cleanliness completed, Paddington, turned his attention to the couch. He began shoving his nose vigorously into the back cushion, jabbing this way and that. I could see no progress being made, but I guess I'm not perceptive enough, because soon this step ended.

Next step: assuming the napping position. When Paddington lays down for a nap, he does so with gusto. He flipped his legs out sideways with a twist that slammed his side down onto the couch seat. Finally, he twisted his hind end so that his back legs spread out to the sky. Nose stretched forward toward me, back hip almsot touching his sister, he closed his eyes and was asleep within moments.

Now, I'm afraid to move. Who would dare disturb such a serious nap?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Barktoberfest is this weekend!

This Saturday we're supporting a great cause: Friends of Homeless Animals! Check out Barktoberfest, a benefit for the group's programs in Northern Virginia. The event is scheduled from noon to 6 in Sterling; if it rains, head out on Sunday instead. If you're a pet lover I hope you'll make the effort to attend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Snore

This Weekend: The Craftsmen's Classic in Chantilly, VA

Join Bella Fiori Glass Studio at the Craftmen's Classic in Chantilly, VA, this weekend. The show is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Dulles Expo Center. Get a coupon for $1 off and get more information about the show on the Craftsmen's Classic website.

The Bread Bandit

I should know better by now.

When I got home with groceries today, I put away the cold stuff, put the rest of the bags on the counter, and then let Paddington out of his crate. After taking him out (still on his leash, poor boy), I brought him into the kitchen to hang out while I finished putting the groceries away. He made a dash for the bag I missed on the kitchen floor, which of course was the bag containing the loaf of bread.

You see, there is a history of bread stealing in this home. We discovered early that Paddington has a soft spot for a good loaf of bread. His antics when evading us with a loaf stolen from a bag of groceries are legendary around Bella Fiori Glass Studio. He darts and weaves, runs and hides with his treasure. Usually within seconds the bag is ripped open and the bread is ruined by puppy drool.

So today, when he grabbed the excess plastic from the top of the bread package and pulled it free of the bag, I shot into action. Luckily he couldn't get more than a couple of steps because of the leash tying him to the kitchen sink. I grabbed him with one hand and the bread with the other. Baked goods saved! It seems all he was able to do was step on it once. Phew.

As I scolded him for his boldness, he didn't seem to care that he was in trouble. He showed only a slight sense of annoyance that his bread was stolen from him.

The best and worst part was that when he began to pull that loaf from the bag, his face was alight with delight. It's difficult to be mad at a dog with that much joy for life.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upcoming Events in the DC Area

Cady and Paddington aren't able to attend these events themselves, but their artwork will be there!

October 3-4
Potomac Country House Tour & Crafts Festival
St. Francis Episcopal Church, Potomac, Maryland

October 6
NIST, Gaithersburg, MD

October 10
Women’s Club of Bethesda Craft Fair
Bethesda, Maryland

October 11
World of Montgomery Festival
Wheaton, MD

October 16-18
Craftsman Classic Arts & Crafts Festival
Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, Virginia

October 24
Barktoberfest, a benefit for Friends of Homeless Animals
Melodee Music, Sterling, Virginia

November 4
NIST, Gaithersburg, MD

November 13-15
Northern Virginia Christmas Market
Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, Virginia

November 21-22
Mayfield Market
Connelly School of the Holy Child, Potomac, MD

November 22
Temple Sinai Chanukah Mart
Temple Sinai, Washington, DC

December 5-6
Town of Leesburg Holiday Fine Arts & Crafts Show
Ida Lee Park Recreation Center, Leesburg, VA

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Water Aerobics

Paddington's recovery from surgery continues on track with the newest adventure: water aerobics! The four of us packed up for the ride to Annapolis Junction and VOSM. Paddington's first session on the water treadmill was short and sweet, which he appreciated. He did 3 minutes, took a break, then did another 3 minutes.

It took him some time to get used to the water climbing up his legs. Some corgis love water; he proved that he doesn't. Here he's begging that the vet help him escape:

Once the tank was filled to the proper height, he got his sea legs:

The big pink floatie keeps him from stepping too far forward and off the treadmill set into the center of the floor of the tank (which he managed to do a couple of times, the little cheater).

Usually he's such a happy boy, but today he was begging for help:

Don't the eyes say it all?

Of course his sister showed no mercy. All she cared about were the treats I was using to bribe our reluctant fish-dog:

Before long he was done and the vet drained the water from the tank:

I thought the session passed quickly, but he didn't agree. Here he seems quite traumatized: "Mommy, please promise it's over!!"

Ahhhh.... He was so relieved to be dry. He loves getting toweled down (and he made sure to shower us with watery love as he shook himself).

All in all, it was a good session, and he's spent most of the day sleeping since we got home. Next week hopefully he'll get to go more time and build up more muscle. The more he builds, the sooner he can leave his leashly shackles behind. Freedom!

And throughout it all, Cady just laughed an evil laugh:

She's such a loving, caring sister.